Exbra supplies Ebony Cristal granite for the Westin Hotel in Mexico city.

Ten years of Giallo Vicenza, an exclusive stone from Exbra.

The passion for white granites. Understand why they’re so popular!


Located at the exclusive district of Santa Fe, Mexico City, the Westin is considered one of the top hotels in Mexico. The architect relied in Exbra`s team expertise to source the most unique and beautiful Ebony Cristal brushed granite for the main lobby and the outside area.


Since the begining of its production, Giallo Vicenza was a sure winner. With its beautiful golden color and unmistakable depth, it is known in the international market as the "Original Vicenza". Every time many companies sell generic versions of a stone using it's original name, we can be sure of it's importance.

It seems that everyone wants white nowadays. The white marbles, quartzites, and granites are by far the most popular in the market. This has to do with the minimalistic clean look that most architects look for, but also with its beauty, reliability and availability. Next time, think white!